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Deer Woman Moon

Deer Woman is a Native American story that depicts the downfall of men who befall her attraction and lose their Spirit to her -- forever. Deer Woman may be at the height of her temptations during a full moon. Men are susceptible during that lunar activity. This image and story is my visualization of her power.

Deer Woman is the most beautiful woman form ever imagined by any man. Her shape and smile draw men in and then she speaks her promises of comfort, attention, and interlude.

Many a man have fallen victim to her. She steals his Spirit with her embraces and entanglements. She leaves him when he sleeps, taking away his reasoning, his sense of balance, his heart, and his Spirit.

When that man awakens, he searches endlessly for her. He can never love another because his heart has been stolen. He becomes a fool in his vain attempts to find her and loses track of his other opportunities and responsibilities in life.

It was a time of chance,
Unfortunate circumstance.
On that moonlit night,
I couldn't tell wrong from right.
Loving her was inopportune,
Under Deer Woman Moon.
- dwlarson

Deer Woman is always waiting for her next victim. She is an eternal being who now roams cities in search of men who desire her image over a true relationship. They fill their minds with wishful thinking that they can possess her, but that is their mistake. It will be she who possesses them after the encounter.

Even if you avoided her trap at the last moment, you may be affected by her spell for a long, long time. She tries to creep back into your dreams now and then. Usually, the mind is the weakest during dreams and she sometimes manages to trick your sleeping senses to go with her. A few have been lucky to awaken to reality in time to save themselves, but she is relentless. One day they may stay asleep forever if she gets her way with them.

Update: As of July 3, 2006, I created a modified version of this concept as a High-Resolution Desktop.

Update: As of March 24, 2008, there is a short snippet of my GarageBand song, Deer Woman Moon Encounter included as part of the Deer Woman Moon Encounter Music Video available for download.

Update: As of September 2, 2009, This image is also available as a Desktop.

Update: As of July 3, 2011, I created a free ePub version eBook available at my NewAdventures blog.


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