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Empty Collections

Tangible objects are readily gathered, associated, categorized, and rearranged to form sets in various combinations.

Intangible things may also be so structured. By their very nature, they are usually abstractions of the mind, heart, or soul.

As such, things that are absent in one's life may be associated with one side of an empty collection. This is the section you may find regrets, lost friends, passed on relatives, opportunities lost, dreams abandoned, anything you can't control.

In another section is a place where you may retrieve items from the former bin and take them from the realm of emptiness to the real world of fulfillment. This is the section you reach into when you overcome adversity, when you meet old friends and make new ones, feel the Spirit of those on the other side, derive creations by your own hand, reach your goals, or manage your life happily.

The empty collection is what you make of it. It may be diminishing or growing depending on your needs. Take a look often at it and see if a deposit or withdrawal is in order.


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