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Fresh Air City circa 2107

Not long after the turn of the next century, our small cities are enclosed to protect the inhabitants from the conditions outside. Exposure to the outside will be limited to short durations to prevent fatalities.

While people are outside, they breathe catalytic treated air in their protective environmental suits. It is too expensive to provide fresh air for such excursions. Fresh air is reserved exclusively for enclosed cities.

One can always tell who has just arrived from the outside. They characteristically have blue-ish colored skin and breath in gasps as their lungs adjust from the artificial air to real, fresh air as nature intended. After an hour or so they appear normal again and breathe as the "ancients" did just forty or fifty years previous.

Inside the cities, there is plenty of fresh air and other resources, now that the life-expectancy is down to about 40 years of age.

Religion has taken on a new aspect too in these closed societies. God is a revered environmentalist, first and foremost. The New Ten Commandments relate to existence instead of moral laws.

And time passes without enumeration...

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