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Impact of a Mood

I have a profound admiration for the late American artist, Ansel Adams. A few years ago, I visited an exhibition of his work in nearby Escondido, CA. It was at that time I purchased his autobiography and read his very moving story. I learned over time, to gain a glimpse of what his thinking was when he "pre-conceived" a picture before taking the photograph.

Recently, my wife, Sherry purchased a DVD version of the PBS American Experience broadcast, Ansel Adams. I watched that story and it inspired me to create this picture.

Ansel was such a genius. He knew far more about light and imagery than I ever will. God's gift to him was the ability to see nature in subtle ways at a particular unique moment and capture that vision during a fraction of a second on film for posterity.

In my small way of paying tribute to Mr. Adams, I know that every one of my images is first envisioned in my heart. Once the right emotional effect is identified, I cast it into existence and publish it with a short narrative.

Most of the time, I attempt to convey in words what I feel inside. In this image I recognize that a mood can be influenced by what the eyes see and a possible emotional reaction is invoked within your being. Moods can be vindicated in numerous ways and they can be mitigated depending on the intersection of the circumstances and your values.

If you're in doubt about how to react to mood swings, keep a copy of Ansel's photographs around as a tonic for happiness. He was an artist with a Soul and his Spirit is expressed fondly with every scene he ever snapped with that big heavy camera he carried up tall mountains. I don't think he could afford to have negative moods on such expeditions because they would be too much of a liability on his "gift". There is a lesson in all he did for all of us.

Note: There is a modified version of this image, available as a Desktop Background. It was created from my Z Images Quartz Composer Screensaver.


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