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Neither Time Nor Distance

Certain actions involving trust and self-confidence are inviolate. The support those actions deserve is unwavering, unfaltering. Although this is a common thread that distinguishes a few actions from others, not all actions considered in this principle are the same across the board.

Love is one action that is often unaffected by time or distance. Loyalty, honesty, they rank at the top too. Those are three of mine, there are others that remain private to me. Other people will pick additional or different items where the principle applies in their life.

Everyone needs something to hold their center. I've found a person's personality often reflects what they use for their own basis of tranquility.

My memories are so intense, so real, that time and distance mean little to me. For my most important memories, I can recall the sense of temperature, the humidity, the wind, the surroundings, the words or looks exchanged from events decades ago, as if they just happened a moment ago.

When memories are almost as real as life itself, time and distance vanish.

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