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The Sign

Do you believe in signs, that is, indications or signals delivered to you in unmistakable ways? Many people accept the reality of receiving signs. I'm one of those people.

For me, they occasionally occur at moments when there is a pending question. The questions are not always paramount or even of the same relative importance to each other. Sometimes the most subtle of signs provides the most substantial insight and course of action to take.

Signs arrive in various ways too. Some are delivered by the spoken word, either directly provided to me or overheard from another conversation. Sometimes it is a song that has been around for many years but heard only for the first time by me at a very particular juncture in life. Sometimes a total stranger approaches me and the look in their eyes tells me what they say is meant especially for me. There are many other forms too.

I found it important when I was young to never ignore signs. Part of the psychic sense I seem to have is related to those events. Signs have never steered me wrong, although I have made many mistakes in life on my own responsibility. I do not expect signs for every problem I encounter in life. Much of what needs to be done is in my hands and I accept that condition.

Rather, signs are those pleasant reminders that I do not walk this journey through life alone. I am a very small part of an infinite process called life. A greater force than I brought all things into being. Recognition of a perceived sign is a welcomed gift from that greater Spirit Force.


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