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Time Passages

The 1978 song of the same name by Al Stewart provides part of the inspiration for this image.

When I first heard the titled song, I had one of those strange psychic sensations I often feel. It was a particularly strong sensing. It would be the year 2001 before I recognized the full meaning of those feelings.

The years 1977-78 were wonderful for me. My daughter was an infant and I returned to work in late May 1977 after several months of layoff. Upon my return to work I started applying the industrial knowledge I read about in books while I was out of work.

One area of knowledge was the science of Time Study, how time and motion were quantified in industrial processes. At that time of my life I was a machine operator at International Harvester, paid by how many pieces of work I turned out. The price per piece was established by "Time Study". Since I knew something about the principles applied to establish a piece-price, I was in a position to reverse engineer the process to some degree to artificially inflate the calculated price from what it would otherwise be. All's fair in love and war and all things in-between.

I used that approach on two separate time-studied operations where I was in a position to exercise my insights. I'm sure those two engineers wondered why they couldn't meet the actual time-and-motion costs as they predicted they would prior to the measurements. That should be an example to them to never underestimate a person. Some people are much smarter than they look. ;-)

Anyway, between 1977-78 I learned enough on the job to be able to be considered a machinist and take on more responsibility and complex machining jobs. I learned to read blueprints and do complex setups on machines. I started making a lot more money from those higher-paying jobs and the ensuing overtime. Sherry and I saved enough in that time to purchase our first home in May 1979.

We all travel through time, forward in the case of reality. We can reflect on the past, but not too long, lest we lose the present.

What's important in my opinion is to use time passages to see yourself at a future point in time. Who do you want to be? To feel that, you definitely need to know who you were; from whence you came; and who you are today. Don't forget about anything you learned or experienced along the way, instead use all of your life experiences for complete fulfillment. Then you'll feel confident you can achieve any goal you set for yourself.

This image is also available as a Desktop and a larger version.

Note: There is a modified version of this image, available as a Desktop Background. It was created from my Z Images Quartz Composer Screensaver.


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