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Desktop Backgrounds 04 -- 01/19/07

Here are some of my copyrighted images that I thought others might wish to freely use as their wallpaper or Desktop backgrounds. They come from my Kodak DX4900 Zoom Digital Camera or as slightly altered versions of my digital art.

Note: Due to changes I made to my server, you can no longer directly right-click the X to download that image. To download the resolution you need, please follow the new instructions below.

Click the X under the monitor resolution column to view that image in a new page and subsequently right-click the displayed image to download that image size.

Note: As of January 10, 2005, I split the images across several pages shown below so that each page loads faster.

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Image Title 1280x1024 1024x768 800x600
Night Of The Panther -- 10/25/03 X X X
Enigma -- 10/18/03 X X X
Miramar Circles -- 10/18/03 X X X
Rocky Pillow -- 10/18/03 X X X
Barnstormer -- 10/17/03 X X X
Spectral Sky -- 10/11/03 X X X
Wishin On A Star -- 10/11/03 X X X
Autumn Night -- 10/11/03 X X X
Straight Up -- 10/11/03 X X X
Decidedly Overcast -- 10/11/03 X X X
What To Ignore, When To Object -- 10/09/03 X X X
Foolish Notion -- 10/04/03 X X X
Lover's Nebula -- 09/21/03 X X X
Hues Intentions -- 09/08/03 X X X
Old Town Sunset -- 09/01/03 X X X
Lodgepole Bridge -- 09/01/03 X X X
Rafters -- 09/01/03 X X X
Storm Cloud -- 09/01/03 X X X
Less Than Eleven -- 08/21/03 X X X
Moro Rock -- 08/21/03 X X X
Sequoia Trunk -- 08/21/03 X X X
Hidden Forest -- 08/21/03 X X X
Rancho De Los Quiotes -- 08/16/03 X X X
Leo Carrillo Hacienda -- 08/10/03 X X X
Del Mar Paddock -- 08/10/03 X X X
Del Mar Landing -- 08/10/03 X X X
Del Mar Tunnel -- 08/10/03 X X X
Cactus 101 -- 08/10/03 X X X
Lizard Defense -- 08/10/03 X X X
Point Loma West -- 08/03/03 X X X
Point Loma Lighthouse -- 08/03/03 X X X
Point Loma Lighthouse 2 -- 08/03/03 X X X
2004 Bonneville -- 07/28/03 X X X
Lingering Vibes -- 07/28/03 X X X
Golden Horizon -- 07/28/03 X X X
Geneva, IL -- 07/17/03 X X X
Fox River in Geneva, IL -- 07/17/03 X X X

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