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Desktop Backgrounds High-Resolution -- 02/15/08

Here are some of my copyrighted images that I thought others might wish to freely use as their wallpaper or Desktop backgrounds on the newer and larger monitors. They come from my Kodak DX4900 Zoom Digital Camera or as slightly altered versions of my digital art.

Note: These are high-resolution images and are published in the sizes:

  • 1280 x 1024
  • 1600 x 1200
  • 1920 x 1440

Note: Due to changes I made to my server, you can no longer directly right-click the X to download that image. To download the resolution you need, please follow the new instructions below.

Click the X under the monitor resolution column to view that image in a new page and subsequently right-click the displayed image to download that image size.

Image Title 1280x1024 1600x1200 1920x1440
Twists And Turns -- 02/15/08 X X X
Love Is Blue -- 02/02/08 X X X
The Last Iceberg -- 09/26/07 X X X
Left In Tears -- 06/11/07 X X X
Deer Woman Moon Encounter -- 07/03/06 X X X
Bad Combo -- 06/05/06 X X X
Reiki's Light -- 05/15/06 X X X
Goodbye -- 04/30/06 X X X
From A Heart Not Healed -- 03/02/06 X X X
Harry's Fire -- 11/19/05 X X X
Taken In -- 08/05/05 X X X
Out For a Swim -- 08/02/05 X X X
Apollo Moon -- 07/16/05 X X X
Intertwined Rings GS HR -- 06/27/05 X X X
Sphere Reflections 2005 -- 06/12/05 X X X
Unbridled Arousal -- 05/10/05 X X X
Tiger Of The Worlds -- 05/10/05 X X X
Three Stones -- 05/10/05 X X X
Talking Things Out -- 05/10/05 X X X
Prom Date -- 05/10/05 X X X
Jeff's Sunset -- 05/10/05 X X X
Hook -- 05/10/05 X X X
Friday Night Sunset -- 05/10/05 X X X
Bryce Roots -- 05/10/05 X X X
Beach Stroll -- 05/10/05 X X X
Eye of Envy -- 05/08/05 X X X

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