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For Example, Don

The composite picture above is a combination of a recent unreleased digital image and my wife, Sherry, and I. It celebrates our 30th wedding anniversary. I used Adobe Photoshop Elements and Carrara Studio 2 to perform the visual effect.

In May 2001, I purchased a vanity plate for myself, a first time event. I originally named it after the company that had just hired me, ieWild, Inc. ieWild was a great company and I made many friends in my short career there. As a wild guy myself, I figured, IE Don, plate would fit right in.

During my long trip through some western states in the late summer of 2001, my high school friend, Larry Dalke, said my plate should stand for, For Example, Don. The name stuck! ;-)

Update: In May 2004, after three years I exchanged my personalized plate for regular California license plates.

So here I am ready to produce more ideas in this remaining time I've been allotted in life. Some of the information is from some of my previous web sites. I intend to have new things here too.

Finally, much of what I do is dedicated to my Dad.

Thanks for being here.


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