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Memories of a Pathfinder -- 11/01/09

I am a pathfinder first and foremost. I explore life from within and without, searching for explanations, for truth, for opportunities and stories to share. -- dwlarson

This is a series of my stories accompanied by photos, digital art, and other material. Each one attempts to portray a segment of my life in some revealing and philosophical way. Hopefully that perspective will be expressed sufficiently to keep you entertained and informed along the way.

I consider this to be made up of living documents; that is, changes to may occur at any time. :-)

Many of my Previous Home Pages provide further instances of my Pathfinder Spirit. Here are a few in particular:

The sections published below currently comprise the following era using recent photographs of places in my past:

Part 1, The Early Years -- 07/28/03

From 1958 to 1964, I went to Caldwell Elementary School in Chicago, Il. This section contains images and stories from that time including the home I lived in, some of my friends, and the school and recollections associated to that building.

Part 2, The High School Years -- 07/28/03

From 1964 to 1968, I attended Bowen High School in Chicago, IL. This chapter contains pictures of the school and nearby Bessemer Park and is threaded with narratives in and around those images. Friends, teachers, and other circumstances are discussed.

Part 3, New Roads From Old Paths -- 07/28/03

This section, Memories Of A Pathfinder, starts with the period of time in the Fall of 1969 and extends until the time Sherry and I left Illinois for San Diego, California in February 1996.

Part 4, San Diego Roads -- 02/22/04

This section starts with the time Sherry and I left Illinois for San Diego, California, in February 1996 and runs through February 2004.

Part 5, Motorcycle Fever -- 05/19/04

This section covers the years 1966 to 1972 and my experiences back then with motorcycles I owned.

Part 6, Auto Shop -- 01/09/09

This section is of, Memories Of A Pathfinder. It covers the years 1967 to 1968 and my experiences back then in Bowen High School's Auto Shop.

Part 7, Wiffleball Years -- 07/20/09

This section is of, Memories Of A Pathfinder. It covers the years 1958 to 1965 and my experiences playing wiffleball in front of my then home.

Part 8, The International Harvester Strike of 1979-80 -- 11/01/09

At this time, this is the last story in this section, Memories Of A Pathfinder. It covers the 6-month strike at the place I was working at in 1979-80.

The path doesn't end until I move on to the other side of life. There are other stories for sure, but it will take time to work out the pictures and flows in my mind.


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