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Spirit Of St. Louis Model -- 04/27/02

On May 20-21, 1927, Charles Lindberg flew alone across the Atlantic Ocean from New York City to Paris France in the Spirit of St. Louis plane. This year marks the 75th Anniversary of that brave solo flight. His grandson is repeating the event this year and you may read about that here.

The original plane was built here in San Diego and our San Diego International Airport is named after Charles to honor his work and accomplishments.

My late maternal Grandmother, Edna Honeyman-Wilson (1888-1969, shown below) purchased a model of that airplane also in 1927.

My late Mother, Frances Wilson-Larson (1916-2000, shown below), later inherited the model plane.

Many years ago, I inherited that model plane from my Mom. The miniature plane previously adorned her family's Christmas trees decades before I was born. Now I display it on our tree every year. Someday it will be Jenny's possession.

Shown next is the model.

To help commemorate this year's anniversary, I loaned the model to the San Diego Aerospace Museum for a three month period. I hope visitors to the museum enjoy the various artifacts from those many years gone by and to remember the man who helped open up the skies and shorten the distance across the pond.


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