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April 11, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

Our Worst Enemy

The above image, We Are Stardust is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Woodstock by Matthews Southern Comfort, released in 1970.

In times of stress, we can be our own worst enemy. We can, because we know ourselves best, our weaknesses, our strengths. We have 24/7 to make situations as worse as they can be in our own minds. I know that from my own personal experiences.

I know a couple people pretty well who are in stress right now. They confide in me and their identities shall remain confidential. They have been there for me at times, and I for they as well as others. That is the true nature of friendship.

We all need to keep a proper perspective about what really matters in life. Sometimes because we are our own worst enemies, we can perceive a mountain in front of us where the smallest molehill really exists instead. I've found that the more caring the individual, the smaller the difference between those two boundaries when they are stressed.

I'm no expert and certainly not a trained counselor on that subject matter. I'm just a trusted friend to some people, now writing out my thoughts. In times of stress, seek out people you can trust and let them know what's on your mind. If the stress is really affecting your life's outlook then get professional help right away. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200 (or a few Euros) to get that help.

Play the song of the day as I mentioned near the start of this message and know that things will work out in your favor one way or another. :-)


Last Monday, this site accumulated over 4,800 page views. Almost 1,400 of those were for the newest version of Kover Phlose 3.0 and over 500 for the QuickTime Videos page. In addition, Yahoo is indexing my site every day; perhaps building up its portfolio for the Microsoft bid? Right now, Yahoo's search engine lists this site as number 13 out of 1,190,000,000 results. ;-)


My LinkedIn group continues to gain new Connections and Recommendations. I think the LinkedIn network is very helpful for professionals and helps keep those we know and worked with in some fashion, in-touch.


I published a page of pictures of my recent North County San Diego Sprinter Train Ride.


I read that fuel cell technology for consumers is getting closer to reality.


On Wednesday, I received s surprise IM on my iChat from Carol who lives in Massachusetts. She is the creator of Bariatric Living. Sometimes it is the smallest of surprises that connects us.


When I was a younger person and lived in Chicago, I would occasionally play on these.


Pssst, don't tell anyone. ;-)


Okay, my Windows friends and family might wish to download and install the latest version of AIM and hook up their computer cameras so they can video-chat with me.


Found on the web links for April 10, 2008 [ Link since removed ].


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