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August 16, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

My Reality Of First Love

The above image, First Love's Effect is also available as a Desktop

A special of two songs today are Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones released in 1971 and God Only Knows by The Beach Boys, released in 1966.

I decided to publish the last chapter of my book today here on my web site. I know this place, I don't know the bound book world well enough to publish it as a printed and bound volume. [link since deleted] completes my book project. The scope of this book changed over time because I changed over the same time. I adapted to the inner feelings and calling within me.

A number of people wanted me to publish my book on the web here. I accede to their wishes [link since deleted]. They have been very supportive in my work and I appreciate all the support they gave me.

There are parts of the book while not published here, remain nonetheless in my heart, mind, and soul. During my speeches or talks with people, some of those portions of the story will likely be revealed. I may write about some of my unpublished experiences here, but it depends on what else I have to say where those stories would play a supporting role.

I learned a lot about myself in this book writing exercise. Learning about oneself is always a good thing.

I dedicate my book to the love's of my life. They would understand me best.

I hope you enjoy my book. Thank you.


I started a new Desktop Backgrounds page using images created by the Oxidizer application. I have many more images from that application to publish in the near future.


My niece and her husband living in Holland, just had their first child. Sherry and I are very happy for them. Keep those pictures comin'!


Twenty-five years ago today, August 16, 1982, I started working for Omega Microware, Inc. in Chicago, as a Customer Support Manager. My friend, Ron Metzker, helped me get the job.

At the time, Omega was a leading software distributer for the Apple II line of computers. I learned a lot there working under Ron. That position helped propel my technology career just because of being an employee of that company.


Ronnie Allen had Sue Thompson, a Rock-N-Roll singer, on his radio show this week. Sue sang the 1962 hit, Norman. I called in by invitation and spoke to Sue and Ronnie live! That was cool!


My friend, Karen, sent me some pictures from a great artist, Don Marco whom draws using Crayola's.


I like the concept of Virtualization as it applies to computer operating systems.


The public usage of GPS is apparently not as high as one might expect.


If you use FaceBook, this article maybe of interest to you.


If you are looking for Management Methods or Models, check out this page. The world is sure a complicated place, isn't it? ;-)


The Storm Trojan is causing an awful amount of spam.


The State of Illinois is using eBay to auction off unclaimed items.


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