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July 3, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Passage Of A Deer Woman Encounter

This image is also available as a High-Resolution Desktop

Today's song is my newest creation, Deer Woman Moon Encounter, released today. Gene Weed features his Sax solo on my music tracks to make this new mp3 tune golden.

My digital image of Deer Woman Moon continues to increase in popularity. The story on that page may not be too far from the truth for some men. It now ranks fourth on the top ten list, having moved up rapidly in the last few months.

There are some women who's ways can become integrated into a man's way of feeling and thinking. If it happened to you, then perhaps you can appreciate the experience as one of life's many mysteries. You will never forget when and where it happened--never!

Last week, my friend, Wendy, allowed me to use her image in the new Deer Woman Moon Encounter Desktop Background. I created this new version high-resolution desktop image to complement the original, not to replace it. My first version of Deer Woman is a more passive pose, where the seduction is not yet fully impressed within the man.

This new version is a very active pose, where the transformation and seduction of the man's Spirit is just about completed by her. There is little time left for his rescue. That is, if the man wished to be rescued. It takes a lot of resistance to pull away near the end. Even so, the effect becomes eternal. Hence the legend lives on through each encounter.

I've known the distraction of Deer Woman before I was married. In spirit or flesh she once held a powerful influence over me.

Then I became free from her. The false illusions she offered dissipated in their own slow time. I remember the encounter, the struggle for freedom, and the repatriation with my true self.

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. My freedom followed the Deer Woman storm. The anniversary of the encounter remains. For me, the time of the season for Deer Woman is passed.

My wife, Sherry, now holds the magic for me.


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