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June 18, 2010 [More archived home pages here]

My 30 Years Of Computing

The above image, Out Of The Box is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Only In America by Jay And The Americans, released in 1963.

Sunday, June 20, 2010 is the 30th anniversary of my being involved with computer technology. I wrote about much of my experiences five years ago. The time spent in this field amounts to 50% of my lifetime so far.

I clearly recall the day I purchased my first computer system a TRS-80 (shown below). I had been looking forward to owning a personal computer for the prior five years. Now I had one for $750 to start my new hobby.

As months and years rolled by, I found I was in the right place at the right time because I had developed my math and computer skills. I had some great teachers in my first computer technology job who steered me in the right direction. One job led to another those first few years. Then I started earning a lot of money as a consultant and the doors of opportunity opened wide.

I encouraged and taught other people when they sought assistance. I have had a positive effect of many people, the "Pay It Forward" philosophy at work.

About 20 years ago, I slowly evolved from a computer programmer and relational database analyst/designer into the certified project manager I am today. It was a wonderful transformation and yet I've kept my hand in technology because that was my first interest.

It troubles me when I read or hear about the terrible misuses of technology, or worse, the misuse of people because of technology. In 30 years, I haven't seen much improvement in that area. I fought many corporate battles over training and employee education, often to no avail. At least I never doubted myself, so I kept on my true path.

I started teaching may daughter about computers at age 4 in 1980. She learned and expressed an interest in whatever I was involved with as I learned. She never became as deeply embedded as I am, but her skills helped her achieve many advancements in her corporate career. Now her own children are being introduced into technology starting at about age two. They grasp today's iPhones capabilities quickly. It is good to know they won't be reluctant to embrace technology in whatever they wish to do as they grow.

In about a month or so this website will reach 5 million page views after 8 years of service. The home page itself just passed 500,000 page views itself. Time Out Of Mind is something I'm proud of and it carries on its own history now, being accessed from just about every nation in the world.

For about the last three years, I'm a partner in Newbound, Inc., a small software partnership. Together with my partner, Marc, we create consumer and business solutions. We continue to maintain managed growth as we increase our application and services based technologies.

As long as I can, I will utilize computer technology. I've got my thoughts on a second version iPad when that comes out. Newbound is a Registered Apple IOS Developer, so stay tuned as this adventure continues... ;-)


For several years, I've advocated for businesses to offer their customers, free WiFi, to enable those customers to stay in Internet communication with others without requiring cell phone packet transmission charges. This week Starbucks said they will offer free WiFi starting July 1, 2010. Thank you!


My friend, Lela Hankins, is a very qualified real estate professional. If you're looking for great assistance in real estate matters, check out her web page: Lela Sells San Diego.


My friend, Gary, published a new leadership article, Follower Fatigue. I believe Gary hits the nail on the head.

Take time to evaluate the leadership you encounter in your employment, outside organizations, and political offices, in light of Gary's words.


For those Mac users looking for that "partner" that shares the same Unarrested Passion, check out Cupidtino.


I continue to enjoy the applications from the Omni Group for Apple technologies.


If you are a registered Apple Developer, you might want to view the Worldwide Developers Conference Videos. I'll be watching some of them.


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