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March 19, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

End of My Five-Year Toastmaster Journey

The above image, Icebreaker Blues is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Icebreaker Blues, my newest GarageBand song. Lyrics are provided on my GarageBand Riffs page.

The end of this month marks the official end of my five-year journey with Twin Oaks Toastmasters. I started in that club as a newbie, giving my first Icebreaker speech back on April 9, 2003. On November 9, 2007 I earned my Advanced Communicator Silver Award after giving more than 35 prepared speeches. It was a very wonderful ride.

Next Wednesday, March 26, 2008, I serve as Toastmaster at my last meeting as a member. To celebrate I have been busy over the last couple weeks preparing some items for that meeting. I will now describe some of the new material located on this site that I am using for next Wednesday. Some is serious, most is fun.

First up is the serious stuff. My Knowledge Leadership Keynote Presentation is a condensed version of my philosophy and attitude about effective leadership. I strive to be a better leader and work towards those goals myself.

Next on my list is the Icebreaker Blues picture shown underneath the title of this home page. The desktop background is a high-resolution version at 1920 x 1200 to fit the iMac screen.

I have created an 8 x 12 of that image on photo paper that will be awarded to one lucky winner at the meeting next week, suitable for matting and framing.

My song, Icebreaker Blues and lyrics is third on the list.

Lastly, I am running a contest to have attendees guess how many email messages I have in my Toastmasters folder. I have almost every message ever sent either by me or to me in that folder. A leader has to know the history, after all. ;-)

Similar to the TV Game Show, The Price Is Right, the contest winner will be the closest guess without going over the number of messages in that email folder. I still need to think what that prize will be...

It should be a fun meeting. I have already told various members that although I formally will not belong to the club, my heart will always be with it. I remain an informal mentor for the rest of my life, should people wish to ask me for advice.

I hope to be able to attend the award speeches of those I mentored as they achieve their educational awards. I would like to attend the Speech Marathons if I can and am invited.

With my extra time now on my hands, I will devote to my efforts in Newbound, Inc. I'll have more time to spend with my wife, Sherry who has been patient with my extended Toastmaster activities these last couple years.

In the near future I will probably write more about my Toastmaster experiences. I need some time to gain a new perspective of this five-year path that has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life in so many ways.


I have updated and reformatted my Home Equipment page to reflect the current technologies in use by me. I'm hoping to add my own iTouch to that collection.


My sister-in-law, Rita, sent me a link that celebrates Spring.


A few days ago, I published the Waterfall Dreams Quicktime Music Video on my redesigned QuickTime Videos page. My new iMac gives me the power I need to make cool videos with music in relatively short periods of time. My previous G4 tower didn't have enough oomph for doing that kind of work in a reasonable time.

I expect to add more Quicktime content as time goes by in the form of music videos and Apple Keynote Presentations.


I am so happy to see Apple's market share of 14% in February, up from 9% in February 2007. As more people decide that the Mac computing platform is the best computing experience, that percentage should continue to grow.


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