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October 17, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Being Carried Away?

The above image, When Genes Collide is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Sacred by The Castells, released in 1961.

It's that time of year on college campuses all around the country when homecoming football games are being played. New romances abound or some may be extended from high school, now into the first year of college.

The new freedom of being away from home leads to new adventures and opportunities for those in love.

I've known many people who got caught-up in the excitement of the moment and had consequences they did not expect. Some of them produced children and that development changed their lives forever.

I'm not judging any of them. But for the Grace of God, go I.

In some cases, the new relationships remained true and remains true to this day. Often, the results turn out differently and the repercussions last a long time in life.

It would seem prudent to be safe in what you do. Know that there is no 100% guarantee that your life will not be changed by unforeseen events. Look around and you will see examples of unexpected outcomes.

When someone lights your fire, the odds are at best 50-50 that what you expect to happen, will happen.


I'm proud America has such heroes like this man. Thank you for the service you gave our country in defending our freedom.


Dan Reints is my daughter's brother-in-law. He is the manager of the PetSmart store who helped organize the relief effort for abused pets. Locals consider him a hero. So do I. Way to go, Dan!


Here's a link for the 300+ new features in Leopard that is coming out on the 26th! The server version looks impressive too!


Meanwhile, Microsoft loses another appeal in an anti-consumer case.


The U.S House of Representatives voted to extend the ban on Internet taxes. Internet taxes should be permanently banned, in my humble opinion.


I wonder how many people will be lining up for this medical test? I think it should be perfectly understood that the results are NOT to be shared with anyone except those that the patient explicitly allows to receive it. That means the insurance companies do not automatically receive the results.


Some programmers might be interested in these two articles:


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