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September 14, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Heart Lights For Two

The above image, Heart Lights is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is 1234 by Leslie Feist, released in 2007 and used for Apple's new iPod nano commercial.

Wednesday night, I watched the 1962 movie, The Miracle Worker on TV. I saw that movie in 1962 at the age of twelve. I didn't understand the movie in 1962, I was too young. I didn't know who Helen Keller was at that time.

In the years since, I've watched it many times. It is one of my favorites because of the human interest message of success over adversity, serious adversity. Most people at the time of Helen's young life were ready to write her off as a mental defect.

Imagine the genius of her mind locked-in for her lifetime had she been institutionalized. What horrors would she have faced as a patient locked in a mental ward? She was lucky someone cared enough to struggle and fight to bring the light of the world to her mind.

I wonder how many other people were bright like Helen but handicapped by society for shoving them aside because they were not "normal". The number must be pretty high over all time, I think.

Helen Keller was brighter than the majority of people who lived in her lifetime. When she attained the ability to communicate, she embraced helping others see the light. I wish I could have met her so she could teach me how to see it.


MacWorld has a first touch article on the iPod touch. Or, watch the Quicktime video of the hands on action.


My friend Bob, sent me this link along with these comments. Thanks, Bob!


Here's how technology allows 50,000 people to help find Steve Fossett.


This is pretty cool stuff.


I wrote about this issue back in the early 1990's in a corporate memo. Of course the magnitude of the problem then was much smaller. They never did get a handle on the problem.


Governments should be funding educational opportunities to help alleviate the imbalance between the needs and the ability to deliver human resources to perform required functions.

So many nations have their priorities out of whack. No wonder the War between East and West rages on in proxy nations.


Need a quick $20 Million along with fame in history?


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