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Time Out Of Mind Files --05/16/08

The file links below are Quartz Composer examples for you to use under MacOS 10.4 or above as ScreenSavers.

Most listings have an accompanying QuickTime movie link as a demo of the actual ScreenSaver in action. Some movies may require QuickTime 7 to play.

To use, download the appropriate linked file, uncompress using UnStuffIt or UnZip, then follow the, "ReadMe" instructions inside the resultant folder.

Note: I also have a Time Out Of Mind Quartz Composer iTunes Music Visualizer Files page.

Art Album iMagethon version 1.0 (requires MacOS 10.5.1) -- 05/16/08

Z Images version 2.0 (Added random sequence module) -- 05/14/07

Time Out Of Mind Tumbling Myths version 1.0 -- 08/05/05 (based on this image created in September 2002.)

Time Out Of Mind Tumbling Myths Movie

Time Out Of Mind Twin Flames version 1.0 -- 07/22/05 (based on this home page message.)

Time Out Of Mind Twin Flames Movie

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