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Part of the Short Stories Series.

With Furious Futility -- 10/15/07

The meek outward appearance masked a bold determination. The individual with that thin veneer, held very strong impressions of how they wanted to be perceived. The truth and reality didn't matter as much as maintaining the impression of propriety.

When the person came across revelations that would expose the truth, the old basic core personality arose within to put forth new effort to maintain the illusion of the mask.

The strategy would be difficult, some might say impossible, because refutation is hard to come by in such cases. Gambit after gambit, new resources tried and abandoned, each step along the way seemingly ending in defeat of the quest. Frustration building with each new disclosure, external, and now internal as the mask's vulnerability became evident. Those that knew the individual could easily see the strain of it all.

There existed but one way out, one path to serenity, one exit to closure. But, those exercising blind ambition, they do not see, it seems. With furious futility the tedious circular endeavor continued, exhausting as it will be in the end.

It is reasonable to assume that masks hold in as much as they keep out. So much the pity for such wasted time and effort maintaining masks.


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