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Part of the Short Stories Series.

Holiday Movies -- 12/08/08

Each year during the holiday season, he diligently prepares to watch his favorite old movies from his DVD collection. There are quite a few to watch and he spaces them out so that he can appreciate the feelings and ideas they inspire in him.

For each one he prepares his popcorn bowl and soda, a routine he's formed over the many years he has been practicing this particular habit. Sometimes he is joined by another, but mostly he views his movies alone. If they like popcorn, buttered popcorn, home-made buttered popcorn, so much the better.

Certain movies on the list immediately bring him back in time to where he was and who he was with when he first saw the movie with them, often decades ago. As you can tell, he has had a favorite holiday movie list for a long, long time. Occasionally, rarely, he will add a more recently released movie to the list depending on its unique ability to convey a distinctive feeling or message apart from the others.

These activities help keep him in the holiday spirit all season long. The movies mostly, but the homemade buttered popcorn help too.


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