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Part of the Short Stories Series.

In An Instant -- 07/17/09

An unexpected meeting brought the two together face-to-face. At first each other felt awkward, startled at this surprise encounter. The minutes started to add up.

Polite pleasantries followed, a courteous reaction after staring at each other in disbelief. They never thought they would see each other again. They had tried not to see each other.

Then she asked him bluntly, "Why didn't you respond to me right after we broke up? I called, I wrote, I was told you didn't want to see or hear from me. We were best friends once, why didn't you reply?"

He thought deeply before responding. "What? I never knew you had called. I never knew you had written. Someone prevented me from knowing about your attempts to contact me."

She stood there astonished! The shock appearing across her face initiated a trembling slowly visible to him. She couldn't believe the words he spoke. She never suspected that possibility the messages weren't received by him.

Stepping closer to her he revealed, "Had I known then that you were trying to reach me, I would have replied immediately. I would have come to see you."

And so it goes. Someone way back then interfered with communication between those two people. Their lives grew apart as a result, yet they always wondered why had it not worked out?

Now his answers explained the reasons. Still their lives already altered did not find peace with the revelations. They parted without speaking goodbyes. The pain they now both experienced left nothing more to be said.

The heart does not understand the same way as the mind. The heart only understands love or in this case, the long absence already transpired. In an instant a new heartache was born and its effects would last a lifetime...


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