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Part of the Short Stories Series.

In The Moment -- 05/09/07

Later, the recollections of others would remark that never in their imaginations, would they conclude that the two they were speaking of, would become a couple. If those who pondered ever really knew the truth of it all...

The first time they met it was one of those moments in life neither would forget. It was remarkable for the minimum of words exchanged, yet the awareness for the chemistry between them registered completely. Their eyes peered deeply into each other, the mutual reaction understood and accepted.

They were already committed in other relationships. Neither wanted to intrude on the other's life. They respected themselves, their own commitments, each other. At first it was easy to ignore that initial reaction when they had met, but as time went by, that resistance weakened.

Words were exchanged, not direct comments to be sure. Additional eye contact at certain times along with words of sincerity validated the inner needs between them. It was this mutual understanding that began to dawn upon each of them and they knew the consequence was only a matter of time and place.

One day the common proximity, the dialog, the look in their eyes signaled the destiny before them. In the moment that followed, the embrace took hold, the kiss, the words that flowed between them, granted the conviction that this was right. There was no turning back now--only moving forward--together.

In those moments they spent together after that first physical exchange, their love was recognized as such, never to be repealed. They had searched their entire lives for each other, now the searching was over.

Often they would think back to the moment they met and relive the moment they validated all that they felt in that moment--and ever since. Being in the moment stayed with them always.


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