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Part of the Short Stories Series.

When Love Is Blind -- 12/19/07

One remarkable part of his life was how easily and deeply he fell in love the first time in his life. He was seeking a love without realizing it. What he didn't realize was that what he thought he had was instead an illusion.

The many hugs and kisses supplemented his beliefs about the woman he loved so very much. What was more important was the way she responded to him in words, ideas, and apparent trust. She was like the best fitting glove he ever put on his hand. That's how well she fit into the mold of their love.

One day she shocked him with a revelation that he did not heed. "I'm no good for you. I'll only hurt you later. When you go off to college in the Fall, you'll find someone else to care for." Her remarks hurt him, but not enough to deter his love for her.

Their relationship continued and good times were woven into not so good times. They worked at their continuing relationship, but not enough to reach the real goal of a lasting love.

Towards the end of their time together, she came forth with a confession of sorts. He could not ignore her words this time, they had grown too close to disregard confessions at this point. She told him the following...

"Before you, there was another man. He and I have done all the things that you and I have done. He's in the Army now and we have been writing to each other all the time he has been away. He's getting out soon and asked me to marry him."

By the look in her eyes, he knew it was true. She had never previously given any indication of this hidden relationship. Now he realized what she meant when she warned him about being hurt later. She was never so right about hurting him.

Sometimes love is so blind that what you see and hear is only in your heart, mind, and soul. It is not a shared love if the one you truly love, doesn't love you back with conviction.

Some would say a love that is blind is wasted love. It is not so. Love is never wasted when it is sent. Only wasted when it is not respectfully received by the intended recipient. That's an important distinction and it takes experience to fully absorb.


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