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Part of the Short Stories Series.

The Man Who Never Lived -- 09/07/07

He was loved and liked by many people. He could remember far back into his early life as a child. From those recollections he knew that anyone still alive that had known him, should still remember him.

When he encountered people from his past, he would take he time to talk to them. He valued reminiscing about the old days with the people he had walked the same paths with once or so.

One day he discovered that not everyone remembered him. Most of the time he took this revelation in-stride. Then came the day he found out someone once important in his life no longer remembered him. It was hard to accept that he was the only one who knew the complete story about that long, intimate path they once walked together.

Sadly, he had become the man who never lived. Strange that life situations can produce people who never lived, but it does happen.


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