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Part of the Short Stories Series.

Never So Complete -- 12/21/09

The end of their relationship was difficult. Each turned away from the other, one taking longer to do so. They had tried to make it work for many years. The changes they each underwent as a couple, later as individuals eventually were too great a gulf to bridge between them any longer. They felt so deeply incomplete even to the end.

For an extended time, they sought a new path, new goals, a new sense of happiness. They knew it would take some time. Their friends and families did their best to provide emotional support, but in the end it is the individual's challenge to find peace within and allow that then to shine outwardly.

Each one endeavored to climb out of the doldrums they faced. They realized the climb would take some time. At times there were plateaus, and the rise was gradual. Over time they looked back at the path that inclined upwards. At that point they each saw just how far they came and it was satisfying beyond all expectations.

Sometimes life has many chapters leading to happiness and no one can skip ahead. Time marches at its own steady inexorable pace. Looking back and taking the long historical view of one's own life is an asset.

Eventually each having gained a new perspective of self, a new life partner appeared in their hearts. It was then they acknowledged that previously they were never so complete as they now were.


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