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Part of the Short Stories Series.

Not So Subtle An Attraction -- 12/26/09

He knew it the first time he saw her. The attraction was immediate towards the woman with the dark complexion, long dark hair, brown sexy eyes. He knew he shouldn't feel this way, his heart belonged to another. Somehow that understanding was disappearing from his conscious mind.

The woman long ago had learned to recognize the attraction response in men. She saw in this new man that his response was very strong. She moved closer to his proximity. They both flirted to each other with smiles.

The two spoke for the first time. What was really on their minds needed no words. Words were getting in the way of their destiny. But that outcome would be delayed for the present. The twin factors of anticipation and expectation needed to be played out first.

Over a period of many months they occasionally met again in public. With each encounter the need registered strongly in both of them. She gave him a sexy hug around his neck, pressing her body into his. The message she whispered into his ear was simply, "I love you."

Those three words imprinted on his heart immediately. He took her hand and led her to a place where more private matters are conducted. There they expressed their mutual passion unbounded by previous promises and commitments. Would it be sustained was yet to be determined for their not so subtle an attraction. Would it evolve beyond lust to love is also uncertain, perhaps not even under consideration...


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