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Part of the Short Stories Series.

Past Temptation -- 12/15/08

It was that first intentional brush against his body by hers that provided the first inclination of extended consideration. She exuded just the right signals, in just the right way, that made her irresistible to him. She focused her feelings on him whenever they met because she had her eyes on him for quite some time.

In the times apart, he would often think of her and wonder. As time went by he could daydream about what might happen one day, if the chance arose. At night he would frequently drift off to sleep thinking of her as his thoughts melded into the realm of dreamland. This became a strong pattern of activities in his mind as the days went by since he last saw her.

For her part, all what he was going through with his thoughts and feelings, she had already rehearsed about him before that first contact with him was made. She knew by his reactions to her touch it was only a matter of time before they would arrive at their ultimate destiny.

The reluctance to act he felt was marked and not easily set aside. At least he could be reluctant when she wasn't around, that was the easy part. It was when she came close to him, looked directly in his eyes, making contact contact, that his reluctance melted away. At those times he was powerless to resist and he became less interested to resistance, truth be known.

Would the day ever come when temptation was thing of the past, he wondered? Maybe the next time she touches him the outcome will be determined. Temptation is a line drawn in the sand between and before two people. Will they ever both be on the same side of that line? That is only a question they together can answer.


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