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Part of the Short Stories Series.

The Perfect Year -- 04/23/07

Thoughts contemplated with a keener clarity as he aged. For many years he felt empowered by the spirit of his late father. As an older man now, he had decades of various experiences on most of the facets of life. One day he conceived of the "perfect year", a time when, if he could, he would piece together all he ever wanted and make it real.

No wars or disasters took place that year. No one died or incurred life-threatening injuries or diseases. Everyone born, arrived into the world healthy.

The economy and state of the world was good. Commerce flourished between all nations, every culture was appreciated for their contributions to mankind.

A map was created without political boundaries. It was simply labeled "Home" and every person in the world valued that possession.

The man himself, was a young man in this world built on his vision. His parents were alive, all his grandparents were alive, all his immediate and close relatives were alive. They would gather together and share their love and respect for one another at those times.

He was with the love of his life and they had a wonderful immediate family. She was a honest and loving partner. Her endearing personality complimented her beautiful eyes and warm smile. There was a special smile and twinkle in her eye she saved just for him.

He had a good job and was fairly paid for his work. He contributed to to his community with deeds comprising time and effort. He didn't strive for individual recognition, the team was always more important to him.

The frequent meetings with his father and mother enabled him to see his true place in the world. The grandparents listened to his ideas and dreams and gave him constructive, critical advice to help him attain what he wanted in life.

The early start of all this near the beginning of the year, allowed him to fully participate along with the entire population of the Earth as the majority of the year unfolded. The year moved along at a reasonable pace and much progress on every front facing mankind, promised to yield continuous beneficial results as long as this pattern of mankind's behavior persisted.

For this man, his "perfect year" never ended. He never returned to a way of living that was less than his new perspective. He had everything he needed now, why give it up for a less enjoyable and rewarding experience?


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