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Part of the Short Stories Series.

Sealed With Her Kiss -- 04/16/07

He was twenty years old when he met her. Months before he had seen her a few times at the park, but didn't pay much attention to her at that time.

One day while he was in the park, she stopped by to talk to him. She had a wonderful smile, so they chatted for about an hour. He knew her parents slightly. They were a very nice couple in their forties at that time. A week later he saw her again at the park and mentioned that if she and her parents agreed, he would like to take her to the movies on a date.

The young woman accepted, then he went and spoke to her parents about dating their daughter. They didn't seem to mind and so the following Saturday they went to see a movie.

After the movie ended they sat in the parking lot of that theater and talked a while. The young man was quite taken with the young woman. She was an intelligent young woman, with a great sense of humor and a wonderful laugh. Her smile captivated him.

At some point in that discussion he asked her if he could kiss her. That's when he had one of those defining moments in his life.

At first she said she didn't know if he could kiss her. When he asked her if she was comfortable with him, she said yes. When he asked her if she could explain her reason for not accepting a kiss, she started to cry.

He was taken back by her response. He didn't want to make her cry and so he asked her if she just wanted to stop talking and they could go back to her home and drop her off there. She said no. For a few more moments he watched her cry, not knowing what to do.

He asked her what he could do to help and she became more upset. Then she told him she didn't know if he should kiss her because she didn't know what to expect, she had never been kissed before. That's when he sensed something new and different.

The young man had given and received countless kisses before he met her. He never thought about how a woman would react to the invitation to her first kiss. It made him feel a responsibility for her, not to subtract from her first opportunity. He realized she wanted her first ever kiss to be special, something she had waited a long time to arrive. He told her he would never hurt her intentionally and would respect her wishes. She then told him she just didn't know what to expect and started to cry again.

He leaned over while she was crying and kissed her lips lightly for about one second and then parted. He did that to let her know it would be alright. She opened her eyes to look at him and said that felt nice. He moved closer and held her in his arms as he kissed her again for about five or six seconds before withdrawing. He told her that's what a kiss from him is, an expression of affection. She thought for a few seconds and a smile came across her face. Then she started to explain how silly she had been to get so worked up over the issue.

When she was finished talking, he said that she had every right to feel as she did before and after the kiss. That her emotions are important and should never be abused by anyone. That's when they first bonded, they discovered a mutual trust existed between them. They had both shared a special moment in both their lives and they respected that rite of passage.

Over the next couple months they fell deeper into their romance. Their kisses flowed more often and maintained the dignity between them. She helped him change as a person. She made him a more open individual. They did many activities together and had many dates. Her parents never felt uncomfortable about them, that was a nice benefit in their relationship too.

In time, they fell in love. They talked about a great many topics. She introduced him to new places to go, new ways to look at the world. He helped her with some things he knew about and they fell deeper in love as the many months passed. They never took each other for granted, they were aware of the respect and trust they had worked on together from the beginning.

Not long before she was eighteen, they started talking about the possibility of getting married. All young lovers talk about such matters if they are really in love. He knew that if they married when she was eighteen, that they would both have to work to support themselves. He also knew she wanted to go through college. They talked about the reality that he couldn't support them both with just his income. They decided to approach her parents and talk to them about their plans.

They both stood before her parents and they told them they thought about getting married when she was of age. He then said that he thought she should go to college but that if they were married he couldn't support that activity. He asked her parents if under such conditions, they would they help pay her way.

Her father immediately told them that once she was married, they had no further obligation to support her. That it would be his responsibility to provide for her if he became her husband. And so, now they knew what their options were going to be. Her father was right in what he said to them.

The young man probably could have persuaded her to marry him. But had he done that, he would have deprived her of attending college. He knew her college dreams were important to her. He wasn't going to take advantage of her love for him and take away her options. So he told her they should not talk about marriage for a while since they didn't have a way to achieve all of their expectations at that point in time.

Eventually they started to drift apart. They had gone together for eighteen months and it was a wonderful relationship for both of them. They that once were very deeply in love, now felt less that way as new experiences came into both of their lives.

They had a powerful love, a love that under some other circumstance might have resulted in their marriage. But it wasn't to be. The young man had a hard time with their breakup. He didn't know how he would feel afterwards. There he stood before her with tears in his eyes and not knowing what to say, when she kissed him. She told him that's what a kiss from her is, an expression of affection. He thought for a few seconds and a smile came across his face. They both knew they would be alright with the end of their relationship being sealed with her kiss.


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