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Part of the Short Stories Series.

Simple Answers -- 03/22/10

Now living alone with her children grown, she pondered the accomplishments of her life. She lived an average life in most ways, enjoyed her zenith in some special ways for the years they lasted. Now the time of reflection occupied her thoughts as the days, weeks, and months passed.

She happened upon finding one of the early loves of her life and sent a thoughtful request to him. There was a remaining matter she needed to resolve and this was her opportunity.

They met at a park on a sunny summer's day. Sitting down on a bench they exchanged pleasantries respectful in their mutual common courtesy. She once knew him as a man of caring and understanding. Their lives drifted apart many decades before, leading to separate lives.

In the ensuing conversation she broached the main topic of their meeting. Mostly it was an explanation of how she viewed their relationship long ago. She acknowledged the effect she had imparted to him and she offered an apology for hurting him.

He graciously accepted her explanations. Long ago he had forgiven her. He recalled how he effected her and once again gave his apology in same. He told her he loved her for a long time after they broke up. He said knowing and loving her made his life better in the time that followed.

When he finished speaking, she asked, "How could you love me after how I treated you?"

Using his lifetime of acquired wisdom he thoughtfully replied, "How does a seed sprout in the warmth of the Spring's Sun after enduring a harsh frigid Winter? I loved you then with all my heart, mind, and soul. I love my wife that way all the many years of my marriage. My wife loves me the same. That's my answer to all your questions."

The meeting concluded shortly after that exchange. It took a while for her to absorb the full truth of his reponse. In her remaining time in life she incorporated her new understanding of matters previoulsy though privately questioned.

Sometimes the answers are simple for the questions that take a lifetime to ask...


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