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Part of the Short Stories Series.

Smiles Across The Heart -- 05/29/08

It had been some time between now and the last time they saw each other. She wondered if the feelings she felt before would resurface again or had the time apart caused a change in him.

The happenstances of life had caused their lives to separate for the interval. At first, she thought only a week or so would pass before seeing him again. A month passed by, then another. A change in the seasons would pass and yet occasionally she would tell herself she would call him soon. The span of time still did not meet with interruption.

He called her a few times, left messages. He knew she was busy, yet he too thought she might be drifting away. Maybe she was?

Perhaps the time away from each other was in fact an incubation of their true feelings for each other. A pause now and then can help people absorb the true emotional component of their relationship and bear it out to the truth.

At last a solid commitment to meet was established between them. As they approached each other to speak, their eyes set the expectations to follow.

She asked him if he was upset that she had not gotten back to him sooner. He thought for a second and then responded, "I am never upset with you. You bring a smile across my heart every time I think of you. That feeling will never change in me."

They never again let time get away from them. It is the smiles across both their hearts that marks time closely for them now.


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