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Part of the Short Stories Series.

The Admirers -- 06/01/07

It was a special attachment that permeated their being. Try as they might, he would always be with them in their memories. Once they were able to see him regularly, but that time had long past.

He is on the Internet nowadays, not that hard to find. They found him again on the web. It brings them comfort to clandestinely, yet remotely learn about him. They surf the pages he produces late into the night and then set off to dream.

Many times they thinks about contacting him directly. They've pondered the complications to their own lives if they did. For now, they struggle with the dilemma in private during their waking hours.

Part of the mystery in them about him is not knowing themselves well-enough yet. They have questions about their own paths and are not yet prepared to understand the potential bridge between he and they. Time will take care of that question for them.

To watch someone from afar takes a certain amount of dedication and restraint. In many ways it is a mirror into looking into ourselves too. It seems the "secret admirer" always has an audience of one.


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