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Part of the Short Stories Series.

The Breakup -- 04/16/09

As painful as it is, sometimes the end of a relationship in unavoidable. After a little more than a year together, he finally had to accept that the deep love he once shared with her was over.

It came at the worst time in his life. He was failing at school, failing in his self-esteem, the little of that he had left. His first love no longer wanted him, another man won her heart over, leaving this young man--alone.

He decided to make one final attempt at reconciliation. He went to her college and sought her out at lunchtime. She agreed to speak with him in the nearby waiting room. The ensuing discussion went poorly, leaving him in complete emotional devastation.

The distraught young man wished her well, gave her his gold Christian Cross neckless and bid her goodbye. For awhile he sat in his car outside her school. Soon she exited the building and walked away on to her next college class for the day. He sat there watching her leave his view one last time before driving off. He burned that memory into his mind.

He did not believe he had a future. He thought he would never love again. The breakup affected him for a long time, longer than he realized himself. Soon after the breakup he thought he was weak and a complete failure.

In time he grew strong again. He learned those that grow strong, grow from weakness. Those that lose at love, find love again. Those that forgive, are forgiven in return.

A breakup is an end, but, also a beginning. The circle of life has a large radius. Enjoy its arc all the days.


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