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Part of the Short Stories Series.

The Daydreamer -- 07/31/09

With increasing frequency, he would stop his consideration of whatever had been preoccupying his time, allowing his mind to drift away to more relaxing considerations. This would often happen on a slightly windy day as the breezes that blew though his office window also stirred the nearby branches of the tree just a few feet away.

He marveled at how the bulk of the tree reacted to the wind. How the branches swayed. How the individual leaves fluttered by the movement and pressure as the air flowed around them. The hypnotic motion of that experience deepened his trance and with each passing moment, he fell further into his daydream.

Now the memories of his early youth marked their appearance in his mood. He remembered the prairie, the trees, and how they rustled in the breezes. The dirt paths among the bushes were winding and in the tall grass he could find his small body insulated from the rest of the noise in the neighborhood where he lived.

He recalled the grasshoppers that would leap as approached them. He could remember the sound of the bees as they visited each flower along the path. Sometimes a hummingbird arrived and he studied its fleeting motion and stationary flight as a curiosity.

His mother's voice would call out for him. Calling him back to her line of sight or in for a snack and soft drink. There he could also find his father working around the home. His brothers there telling their adventures of prairies still further away from the home they all shared. If only he could actually be transported back there and then once more...

The peaceful recollections of those bygone days now subsiding, his consciousness to the present returned him to the reality and routine of his day. The tree outside still swayed in the slight winds. The branches still stretched with the breeze. The leaves moving in tune with the air flowing around them. It will all be there for him again next time. He has so many more daydreams to experience when the time is just right.


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