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Part of the Short Stories Series.

The Gift -- 02/05/08

She understood the notes on the sheet music as a young child. At that time she didn't have the opportunity to pursue the full implementation of her musical education through an instrument. That path for her would reveal itself years later as an adult.

In her thirties, the musical awakening within began to make its movement to her conscious mind. At first she was not sure how to interpret the latent feelings, but time would solve that question for her.

She rented a digital keyboard and started to practice. The knowledge she learned as a child emerged through her fingers as she created the notes she felt within.

She found a piano teacher that mentored her very well. The rapport between them was a perfect match, allowing a deep emotional expression of her feelings to permeate the room through her piano play. The path to her gift was now complete.

Her gift was now being fully understood by her. The self-approval she sought had found its home through her abundant talent. The pleasure she derived from playing music, she joyously shared with all who were important in her life.

She now understood that each person has a gift. Not every gift is visible to another. She appreciated her gift and encouraged others to discover and share theirs.


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