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Part of the Short Stories Series.

Unknown Memories -- 11/14/08

In her life each new day has something new to offer. She is a woman who knows how to live and express herself in daily life. She has thousands of memories she can recall, but there are some parts of her life that are a mystery.

The part that isn't a mystery provides her comfort and opportunities. She uses her time wisely and gives back more than she takes in from the community. She looks forward to each new day, enjoying the life she has.

In her middle-age years events unfolded in unexpected ways. The years she did not remember clearly, that mysterious part of her life, at first became a curiosity. Who was she before? How did she become the woman she is? What happened to those people who knew her previously?

This is the time when her curiosity for those unknown memories became more than a curiosity. She began researching in earnest to find out about that part of her life that remained a mystery to her. It wasn't an easy task to undertake.

She had many restless days and nights with an inconsistent cycle of sleep and waking hours. In her waking hours she would contemplate where and how to search for answers. At times her research could drag on for many hours. In each new search mostly new questions arose, very few answers. Such is usually the outcome when one researches alone and doesn't reach out to the living sources that could provide the answers she seeks.

She can face up to most matters in life without hesitation. For the solitary quest of discovering her mysterious past, she avoids direct inquiry from those that could help. That reluctance keeps her from determining the truth.

The unknown memories are a part of her identity and active personality. The uncomfortable effects of her unknown memories remain until the day she accepts their certainty. In exchange for filling those voids she could achieve a higher level of understanding herself, a more complete picture of her life, a peaceful future knowing better who she has been all along.


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