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Part of the Short Stories Series.

When She Returns -- 12/08/08

All the reasons to remain aloof expired. This mature woman has reached that point in her life where she needs to renew the association, the relationship, the understanding. That time is imminent to bring those needs to fulfillment.

There was a long, very long separation since the last time she was in contact. There were times when no thought of the past interjected itself into her feelings of the present. Now a daily stream of emotions of various intensities drives the need to reconnect.

Through so many nights and days she researches across the Internet. What she finds there convinces her she is on the right path.

The last step in the process is her actual reaching out. It's not an easy task for such a proud woman. In the circumstances that once were, it is her turn now. Each day of delay raises the anxiety within her spirit.

When her determination overcomes her reluctance, she'll act. It's only a matter of time now.


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