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Part of the Short Stories Series.

With The Passage Of Time -- 07/03/09

It was very early July that year, long ago. The weather was warm and windy that night. The young man's girlfriend he loved was off to a college gathering for the past week, scheduled to return on the morning. He eagerly looked forward to her return. They had gone together for over a year at this point in their relationship. She was loyal and true in her love to him all along. She remembered their times together.

That Saturday night air stirred by the breezes as the Sun worked its way towards the horizon. Driving down a long road, he passed by the neighborhood of his first love, a relationship that ended two years previously. He had passed by this way many times since that breakup without regard to thinking of her. This time it was different.

It was unusual for him to let the moment take control of his life. Most of the time he was conscious of his thoughts and feelings. Tonight, the setting Sun, the warm temperature and the wind directed him on an unexpected change of plans. It would be a life altering sequence of events that followed.

He drove down the street of where his first love lived. He slowed as he passed her home. Part of him wanted to stop to go to the door. Part of him did not for he was now in love with another woman and he wanted to remain true to her. He continued on down the street thinking this interlude with prior history completed.

At the corner where he always had turned in the old days, he now stayed straight and continued on down a bit further. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a familiar face stepping into a house just as the screen door closed. Had he turned at the previous corner, had he been looking in a different direction, he would have missed her. Fate has a way of ordering the future in unavoidable ways it seems.

He pulled over to park his car. He went to the door of the person he saw and rang the bell. It was his first love's best friend. His heart now began to beat a bit faster. Something deep was making him do these impulsive actions. They spoke briefly and he wanted to know certain things about his first love.

Apparently she had not forgotten about him, according to her best friend. This was all he needed to hear to inspire him to find her and talk to her again. The information provided gave him some of what he needed to know. He used his cunning and no sense of fear to determine the rest, allowing him to see her that night! All emotion and no thinking is no place for a young man to find himself immersed. He had not learned that lesson yet, destiny would play a hand that night in teaching it.

What he wanted he did not fully understand. Why did he feel so strongly? What about his devotion to his current love? What was he going to say to his first love when he saw her again? He should have stopped to consider his entire situation. All he felt in that moment was desire, desperate desire to see her again...

And now, there she was just a few feet away, her back towards him. She had no idea she would ever see him again, let alone a few moments later. He approached her to speak.


It is not wise to stir the elixir of fate too strongly. Destiny has it's own path, attempting to force one's own will against it is unwise. Instead pay heed to signs that warn you for your own sake. What is not destined to be cannot be secured with reason and passion, nor with the passage of time.


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