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Part of the Short Stories Series.

Without Resolution -- 03/08/10

During her middle 20's the amount of stress and troubled times she accumulated became intolerable. The man she married she then divorced after an unusually short period. Leaving town afterwards, leaving those that once knew her, who perhaps previously loved her, she was leaving a past without regard. She wanted to leave all that behind.

The years would roll by, a new family arose, her family, joined with her partner in life. Seeking outwardly endeavoring to find a lasting inner peace. It hadn't yet arrived no matter what she tried.

Her faith sustained her in her quest. She sought connections to her earliest wishes, her father lost in an unnecessary war before she knew him. Certain organizations provided some relief in her searching, but a nagging absence remain unresolved. The past is not so easily dismissed.

She seeks something she may never find. Still the search continues, the smiles of those she helps in her quest returns some value for her efforts. She doesn't accept there may be someone who can help. That person is unable to assist without her resolve. She's limited some of her options by her own actions.

Time has a way of ending the most urgent personal quests in the course of life. Some people in time find the answers they sought. Some like she, may be left without resolution.


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