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August 16, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]


The lyrics of the 1982 song, Only The Lonely by the group, "The Motels" are fitting for some people reading this message today. For other readers, maybe the 1972 song Alone Again (Naturally) by Gilbert O'Sullivan better applies. The searchers might enjoy the 1988 release of I Know You're Out There Somewhere by the Moody Blues. For those that seek peace in all walks of life, the 1962 version of the song by the Kingston Trio (originally written by Pete Seeger), Where Have All the Flowers Gone should never be far from your heart.

Absence is felt as that space where emptiness is registered within you. Something occupied that space once, it's gone now, maybe never to return. In fact, the more sure you are that space will never be the same again, the larger that feeling of emptiness. You gather more emptiness as you age. It can't be helped. Life changes us, it gives and takes away.

The two images above are both representative of some of the emotion of absence. Not all thoughts are clearly completed is signified by the first one. The other represents putting some emotions in Park for a period of time while you try to figure it all out.

Some people claim they replace emptiness with new experiences to fill the void. I must admit, I don't feel that way. I value too much of each of what was there before absence removed it from my life. New experiences are appreciated, but in my life there is no way for them to be force-fit into previous experiences.

The countering force to absence is the recognizing that we can gain positive values from those negative feelings and experiences. While we can remember those that we've lost in one form or another, we should not make their absence the center of our own personal universe. Instead, we should realize our paths intersected for awhile and then parted as we progress towards our own destiny.


Shift gears now to absences that come and go at rare moments of life as explained in my Digital Insight for the image below.

Feelings Twice Removed (Image created in July 2002)

There are times when you experience a feeling for the very first time. It may be long in duration or very short. Time passes and you recall that experience as unique. Then, one day, unexpectedly, you experience that feeling once again and then it passes from your life as quickly as it arrived. That second and any subsequent encounters leave ripples upon your very being that cannot be ignored. They penetrate to the nether regions of your heart. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"Life is often very interesting and challenging for sensitive people. Have you ever detected that you felt and sensed things differently than most people do?"


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